Thursday, August 6, 2009

If I don't work out in the morning, I have a hard time doing it at night. I am worn out from taking care of my kids and all I want to do is put the kids to bed then relax. Last night was a different story. When Ryan got home from work I went to a spinning class. I love spinning. I love how much it works me out and how much I sweat. I feel so good after I am done. I am definitely going to start going to spinning classes at night.

Ryan and I are going to sign up for another mud run. We had so much fun at the other one that we are excited to do another one. We have also decided that we are going to sign up for races at least every month. We found a 5k at Disneyland in September. We will run through the park. That sounds like fun to me. This will keep me motivated to keep working out. Speaking of which, I have to go work out now.